Healing is the process of becoming whole and healthy; bringing all faculties into alignment.  I believe in creating and holding space for this healing to occur on every energetic level; spiritual, mental, emotional and physical. 

“Curing is the business of medicine; curing has to do with the elimination of symptoms.  Healing on the other hand, is much more thorough.  Healing frequently results in curing, but not always.  Healing addresses the root; the cause of the symptoms.  Healing goes much deeper”
~Dr. Alberto Villodo (medical anthropologist)

I believe that the same Creative Source that created our hearts, minds, bodies and souls also has the power to re-create, realign and bring healing and wholeness to our hearts, minds, bodies and souls.  Through the processes of Spiritual Direction and Reiki I am able to co-facilitate deep healing in my clients, bringing about a sense of peace and restoration of wholeness and holiness.

I invite you to come and rest; surrendering to the loving presence of the Divine which is within you, around you and upholding you.  You are precious, you are the Beloved.     

Welcome to this space